Why kindness matters

As a kid I used to a bully. There, I said it. I used to be mean to others and the idea of standing up for minorities did not occur to me. Today I know that this behaviour was rooted in insecurity. Kids can be mean and we all try to be part of the group. Kindness was a foreign … Read more

Europe’s Best: Alternative City Breaks

It’s that time of the year again: The first few months flew by so fast you did not even spend a second planning your summer vacation. Been there, done that! Yet, all of a sudden our Instagram is floating with beach pictures, city breaks and roof-top parties in foreign lands.

To avoid a summer filled with frustration and anger, the only chance to … Read more

Missing London

Hey everyone,

 Long time, no hear. Somehow, I really struggle to keep my little blog updated. There are far too many things that take priority right now: uni, work and organising everything that is about to happen… However, I still got so many pictures from my last shooting with the amazing Chloe Knott in London. Lately my life has been … Read more

London Love Affair

Hey everyone,

it’s almost half time! I cannot believe that I am already four weeks in London aka the best city there is! I came here with a lot of expectations and big dreams and I have to say that London was not short in delivering! In only one month I have met more interesting and inspiring people than I … Read more

Conscious Influencers: Stella McCartney

Hey everyone,

With London Fashion Week currently taking place, there is no better time to kick off my new series ‚Conscious Influencers‘. And who else should I start with than one of London’s dearest darlings – Stella McCartney?! The born and raised Londoner is not only a celebrated and successful designer, she is also a passionate animal-lover fighting for the … Read more

Just one in the crowd

Hey everyone,

one thing I absolutely love about London is the never ending range of opportunities. Since I have arrived here, I have been desperately looking for a photographer to shoot with. I contacted other bloggers, joined different fashion groups on the internet and searched the web but somehow I could not find one effective lead.

Then out of the … Read more

I am back!

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time – such a long time! Somehow, in between Uni, my job and all the other craziness of life, I have totally lost the focus on my blog. Due to the lack of time I was not able to take pictures, write and edit this tiny little space of mine in the internet. But … Read more