The Trench Coat

Hey there!

Today I want to share an outfit with you that features one of my favorite finds this year. Although it has been in vogue for ages it wasn’t until last spring that I got my own trench coat and I have been loving it ever since. This coat is the perfect transitioning piece, keeping you warm this fall … Read more

Denim on Denim

Hello there!

I’ve got to confess it: I am totally a denim girl! There are only a few days passing by that I don’t wear a good ol’ pair of jeans. So it’s no surprise that I am absolutely in love with the all-over denim look. This outfit has been my recent go-to, I have been sporting this look several … Read more

New In: Black Chelsea Boots

Hey there!

Chelsea boots were all over the place last year and the global obsession with them continues this year. However, it wasn’t until now that I got my hands on a pair myself. Nonetheless, I am super happy with my choice and cannot wait to style these boots. Thanks to their basic look and their unobtrusive understatement they blend … Read more

Oktoberfest 2015

Hello there!

Today I want to share with you the Dirndl I wore to the Oktoberfest this year. I got it last minute and although it looks the complete opposite of what I actually had in mind, I absolutely love it!

Before my crazy Dirndl hunt began, I knew that I did not want to wear any bold colors, especially … Read more

Blog Relaunch

Hey there!

It has been ages! But I am back! I finally decided that it was time to jump back on that blogging train. It took me some time to figure out which direction I want to chase with this little space of mine on the internet. After hours and hours of meditating over this question which basically serves as … Read more

London Report

Hey guys,

Last week I went to London – a trip I have been wanting to do since months! I have already been to the city once yet only for a day, so I had the desire to come back and get to know Britain’s capital properly. Before my visit, I have already had the idea that London could be … Read more

The Statement Scarf

Hey guys,

Germany is still super cold and cloudy and we all start to get slightly annoyed by the grey weather. However, to stay warm I borrowed my sister’s BIIIIG scarf she got from H&M a few days ago. I LOVE huge scarfs like this as they keep you warm while looking put together. Additionally, you can take a super … Read more

Grey Day



Hey guys,

When I shot this outfit, it was freezing cold – so please don’t comment on my red hands and my goosebumps! I am so excited for spring and everything that will come with it: the sun, the flowers, the good mood that will be in the air… and the nice lighting that will make my pictures … Read more

When it’s dark look for stars


Hey guys,

It is official: With last week’s post I have closed the Rome chapter for now. I have written 14 articles during and after this special period about living and traveling through Italy and I feel like the time has come now to start blogging about fashion – to finally start doing what I was dreaming about for … Read more

A guide for aux pairs

The following is a guide for people interested in becoming an au pair in which I try to talk about everything important in order to help you have a great experience. I will cover issues like payment, working hours, insurances and more. In addition, I asked a lot of fellow aux pairs for their experience in a survey, I Read more