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5 Ways to Help You Improve Your Life

5 Ways to Help You Get Your Life Together

Hey you,

As a start, I bet you are either one of the two:

  1. You feel kind of lost in your life and don’t know how to win back control or
  2. You are doing great but are searching for ways to improve your life

There might be other reasons why you landed on here but I am sure they are at least remotely connected to one of the two aspects above.

If you are at a stage in your life where the first bullet point applies: Don’t stress! I feel you – been there, done that.

But let me tell you if you give yourself some time and with the right tools you will get to a place where you are happy with yourself and the stage you are in. From that point on you can take the next steps to improve your life even more. This is where the magic happens: When no. 2 applies and you are happy with where you are but are still reaching for more, always staying grateful and grounded.

In either case, read on for some very valuable tools that have helped me getting more clarity about what I want to be and do in my life and how to get there:

  1. Sit down and start writing

Ever had the sensation that you were full of feelings and full of inspiration but could not tell where they were pointing you? I know the struggle. I often feel super inspired to do something without precisely knowing what I want to do. Journaling really helps me channeling my inspiration and getting all the confusion out of my system. Pro tip: Don’t think about what you want to write but just grab a pen and your journal and start getting it out. I assure you that words will flood out of you and that you will feel a lot lighter afterwards.

2. Get moving

Get out of your head and into your body!

I have started working out ages ago but only recently made it a daily thing. Now, I work out EVERY SINGLE MORNING and it is the best decision I could have made for myself. Working out has given me so much physical strength but more importantly mental stability and pride in myself.

See for yourself: After a work out when all these endorphins start rushing in and your happiness level rises sky-high, your view on all your endeavors will be much more optimistic as well. With the confidence gained from your workout, your optimism regarding other parts in your life will rise as well.

3. Talk AND Listen

I listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos and read blogs and journals EVERY DAY. Getting input and inspiration from others helps you broadening your horizon and realizing what else there is. However, at the same time I encourage you to talk to a trusted friend or family member to get your thoughts out of your head. Trying to articulate what you have on your mind will help you making your ideas much more tangible. And who knows – maybe your companion has a good advice for you!

4. Create space

This is a big one for me. My daily routine is structured and planned through meticulously from the minute I wake up till the moment I close my eyes at night-time. Still, it is important to make time to only do what you love to give yourself a break. Go for a walk and try to do something that does not involve you concentrating intensely or getting input. Yoga, dancing, drawing, walking, running or meditating are good ways to relax.

5. Act

Every time you have a vague idea or a thought that feels like leading you in the right direction, act on it. Reacting immediately creates momentum and will encourage you to keep elaborating on the thing you have in mind once you make it more tangible. They say the first step is always the hardest but if you have an idea of something and take this first leap into it – immediately with the positive energy and courage that is inspiring you in that specific moment – you will be more likely to not drop it like the million other projects you might have started before.

There you have it. These are my top tips to clear out your head to get closer to what you want and to realize this dream of yours that you might find on the way.

But never forget to take it easy on yourself – pressure will always block you and the energy flowing through you.

What are YOUR tools to create the reality you desire and to live your best life? Please let me know in the comments below – I am the above mentioned second bullet point: Always on the hunt for ways to improve my life.

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