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Hey you!

I am super happy that you somehow made it to my little blog! I hope you take some time to browse through and find it somewhat interesting! My biggest wish for you is to find some inspiration in my work and take something from it for yourself.

My blog is all about living your best life with a focus on three topics that are very close to my heart:

Personal development

I am work in progress – we all are. Personal development is something I am truly passionate about. I am constantly working on myself, trying to improve the quality of my thought patterns, finding ways to get more done and becoming the best version of myself. On my blog you will find lots of tips and tricks on how to become the best version of yourself.

Female empowerment

Who run the world?! Girls! Queen B said it and she was so right. Us women can rule the world and could be and do so much more if society would not pressure us so much. I truly believe in the power of a determined woman!

With my work I want to inspire other young women to live up to their potential and to realize their dreams. I am all about uplifting others and inspiring each other. If everyone was kind to each other the world would be such a wonderful place. So let us start to be more positive, more kind, more fierce. Let us be the change we want to be in this world.

With my work I hope to share some positivity and to help others become the best version of themselves. At the same time I hope to learn a lot from you too. I would love to get in touch!


I am passionate about fashion and have already gained some experience in the industry. Over the last months I have also developed an interest in sustainability as I realized that the fashion industry is one of the most environment-destroying sectors there is. Fashion should be fun, but it comes with a negative connotation regarding all the animals that are killed for our latest leather jackets, the workers who sew our ‘bargains’ for starvation wages and the environment that gets damaged while bleaching our favourite pair of jeans. This should not be the case and I am happy to finally see a shift in the designers’ priorities and the brands’ ways of operation towards a more sustainable approach to the whole business of fashion. I want to document the fashion industries’ development as a whole but also my personal journey towards a more conscious life and consumption on my blog, hoping to inspire some of you.

Although this is a personal blog, I would love to not only use it to share the development of my own style and my personal development journey, yet I want this to be a little space on the internet where people can communicate and inspire each other. I want YOU to be part of it! So let’s chat in the comments or on my social media accounts!

So if you are interested in living your best life, reflecting on yourself and the choices you make and want to make the most out of your existence, you might want to spend some time on my blog!



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