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Missing London

Hey everyone,

 Long time, no hear. Somehow, I really struggle to keep my little blog updated. There are far too many things that take priority right now: uni, work and organising everything that is about to happen… However, I still got so many pictures from my last shooting with the amazing Chloe Knott in London. Lately my life has been … Read more

A guide for aux pairs

The following is a guide for people interested in becoming an au pair in which I try to talk about everything important in order to help you have a great experience. I will cover issues like payment, working hours, insurances and more. In addition, I asked a lot of fellow aux pairs for their experience in a survey, I Read more

MY 2014

Hey guys,


2014 was MASSIVE!

A few days ago my mum asked me what grade I would give this year and my answer has to be A+! For me 2014 was the year of the extreme, the year of traveling and exploring and the year of doing what I wanted … Read more

Roma = Amor?!

Hey guys,

It is happening! My time here is coming to an end! That is why the time has come to recall the last months. It has happened so much, good things and bad and it is difficult to summarize everything in one post. I am surprised about how quickly these last five months have passed by, unbelievable that this … Read more

Rome sweet Home?

Hey guys,

Last weekend my mom and my sister came to visit, an event that belongs to every experience abroad. I was so proud to show them „my“ Rome, the hidden spots I like to visit. It was an amazing feeling, showing your family „your“ city! However, in only a few days I will leave Roma and that fact inspired … Read more

La dolce vita

Hey guys,

I live in Rome. In Italy. When I arrived here in July, waiting with all of my luggage at Termini for the bus that was supposed to bring me to my new home for the next months, I told myself where I was. I will never forget standing there, thinking: I live in Italy. I am in the … Read more

The To-do List

Hey guys,

Lately I have been spending more time at home due to the fact that I had to catch up with some work for my blog and also improving my language skills as I finally started attending a language course at the first of October. It is not only fun to learn Italian with other au pairs, yet also … Read more



„What, you live in Trastevere?! Man, you’re lucky!“


Hey guys,

I have heard this one and similar exclamations more than once. It is important to mention, that not only my au pair friends yet also Italians themselves look at me with jealousy in their eyes when I tell them where exactly I live in Rome. And for real, … Read more

Daddy’s Birthday

Hey guys,

Two days ago has been my father’s birthday. As I could not be with him, I thought of something special that would make up for me not being present. Because I have friends all over the world, I decided to ask them if they would like to congratulate my daddy and as they are all such amazing, open-minded … Read more

Big City Life

***In advance: The following is a personal experience I made. I do not mean to offend anyone with the points I am going to make!***


Hey guys,

Yes, the „Big City Life“, this is what I have been searching for. And I have found it here in Rome. In the beginning everything was just so exciting: the city was … Read more