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Europe’s Best: Alternative City Breaks

It’s that time of the year again: The first few months flew by so fast you did not even spend a second planning your summer vacation. Been there, done that! Yet, all of a sudden our Instagram is floating with beach pictures, city breaks and roof-top parties in foreign lands.

To avoid a summer filled with frustration and anger, the only chance to … Read more

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Missing London

Hey everyone,

 Long time, no hear. Somehow, I really struggle to keep my little blog updated. There are far too many things that take priority right now: uni, work and organising everything that is about to happen… However, I still got so many pictures from my last shooting with the amazing Chloe Knott in London. Lately my life has been … Read more

Just one in the crowd

Hey everyone,

one thing I absolutely love about London is the never ending range of opportunities. Since I have arrived here, I have been desperately looking for a photographer to shoot with. I contacted other bloggers, joined different fashion groups on the internet and searched the web but somehow I could not find one effective lead.

Then out of the … Read more

London Report

Hey guys,

Last week I went to London – a trip I have been wanting to do since months! I have already been to the city once yet only for a day, so I had the desire to come back and get to know Britain’s capital properly. Before my visit, I have already had the idea that London could be … Read more

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

Hey guys,

This week it finally happened! A trip I was planning to make since October. Seeing Pompeii and the Mount Vesuvius!

To get to these two, my friends (, I met the morning of the departure) and me spent a weekend in Naples, consequently I could finally enjoy the cooking skills of diMatteo’s where I ate a pizza that … Read more


Hey guys,

This weekend, I finally went to Milan. I was about to cancel my trip last minute as a train ride from Rome costs 109€ round trip if you book the weekend „special“, if not, you are left with 172€! However, as I really wanted to see my former exchange partner and the city and since the trip was … Read more

La famosa Italia

Hey guys,

Its already four month ago that I arrived in Rome. This means I had plenty of time to get to know the country and its people and to draw my own picture of the Italian way of life. Everyday I see myself confronted with the cultural differences that show me how difficult it is to live in another … Read more