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The Vatican

Hey guys,

The Vatican!

Whenever you think of Rome you immediately associate it with the Vatican! I mean what was Rome without it?! Okay, it would still be an amazing city but still… they both somehow belong together!

However, I took my time with it. First, I wanted to check out the city itself and after I got to know … Read more

Chocolate festival in Perugia

Hey guys,

Last weekend I checked off the first point on my To-do list and went to the chocolate festival in Perugia. First, I did not plan to publish an article about it as I could not see a lot from the city itself due to the fact that it was waaaay too packed with people. But what I saw … Read more


Hey guys,

Last weekend I made a trip into the south of Italy, namely Naples. These days I spend almost every second weekend traveling into many Italian cities. As Rome is located quite central and I am already here in Bella Italy I have to take the opportunity… right?! This time we chose to visit the birthplace of Pizza and … Read more


Hey guys,

It took me exactly six seconds to fall in love with Florence! This city is so clean, so tiny, so cute! I love it!

Last weekend my friends and me made a trip to Florence to see the beauty of the city everyone is raving about and when we came there we were all convinced within a heartbeat. … Read more


Hey guys,

Last Saturday I went to Tivoli, a small city in the east of Rome. I hadn’t heard anything of it before but when my friends suggested visiting it, I was quite excited for it. The curiosity was also supported by the fact that my host family pointed out the beauty of the city and the Villa and Park … Read more

Settled In

Hey guys,

I am back in town! Back in Rome!

I have been here for two weeks now, but I did not feel like writing before. Back in Germany I dedicated so much time to my blog, that I just needed some time off, just for myself in order to be able to settle down in Rome. But I am … Read more

Moving days

Hey guys!

OH MY GOD! To summarize what has happened the last days is impossible or at least a very difficult thing to do. Obviously, how could you find the right words for a 360 degree change in your life? See?

This post is about Germans, Americans, Italians and a little girl in between.

The last day!

My last day … Read more

New York Stories

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh

There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York

New York, New York

– Jay Z – Empire State of Mind


Hey guys!

NEW YORK!!! You are amazing!

I … Read more