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Conscious Influencers: Stella McCartney

Hey everyone,

With London Fashion Week currently taking place, there is no better time to kick off my new series ‚Conscious Influencers‘. And who else should I start with than one of London’s dearest darlings – Stella McCartney?! The born and raised Londoner is not only a celebrated and successful designer, she is also a passionate animal-lover fighting for the rights of our fury friends her way.

And this is the heart of my new article series: introducing designers, retailers, brands and influencers who are actively making a change – in treating their factory workers humanely, producing in a manner that does not destroy our lovely planet, promoting a conscious shopping behaviour or abstaining from fur and leather like already mentioned Stella McCartney.

Stella – a vegetarian all her life – tries to transform her ethical believes and choices also into her work as a fashion designer. She therefore has never used any fur or leather in any of her products since launching her brand in 2001, however, it needs to be mentioned that she DOES use wool and other materials derived from animals. Yet, I think it is already a big statement that she does not use any animal skin.

She knows her numbers

We have to thank Mr. and Mrs. McCartney Sr. for their daughter’s sustainable approach to fashion: the iconic designer attributes her conscious way of working to her upbringing on a farm with animals living with her family. This childhood has resulted in McCartney’s believes at work: In staying away from leather she does not only save millions of animals’ lives, she also protects workers who would risk getting cancer from dealing with all the chemicals that are used in the process to create leather goods. Finally, she considers the environment in trying to slow down deforestation.

Ask Stella about the impact of meat-consumption on the environment and she can give you the percentage it contributes to the global greenhouse gasses in detail. She has done her homework and holds herself accountable for what she manufactures. This results in using renewable materials and recycled resources. 

Further, she does not only work with organic cotton yet also introduced a new sustainable wool into her clothing line.

And yet she is a fashion hero

While living and working as environmentally-friendly as possible, Stella’s fashion is everything but boring eco-clothing. Her pieces are indeed uber-stylish and always unbelievably chic without sacrificing comfort.

In fact, if just looking at her SS17 collection, makes me want to spend all of my carefully saved money (not really) in order to invest into one (or two) of her pieces. 

It is great to see industry leaders finally starting to make a move and raising their voices in this fast-paced environment. Fashion is one of the most environmentally-damaging sectors there is. Stella McCartney shows that you can still enjoy fashion without destroying our lovely planet.

Keep going, girl!



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