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Europe’s Best: Alternative City Breaks

It’s that time of the year again: The first few months flew by so fast you did not even spend a second planning your summer vacation. Been there, done that! Yet, all of a sudden our Instagram is floating with beach pictures, city breaks and roof-top parties in foreign lands.

To avoid a summer filled with frustration and anger, the only chance to compensate this lack of planning is to take a spontaneous summer trip and if you’re like us, chances are you’re either too busy to stay away for more than a weekend, or having been too lucky in the past to chose a go-to destination like Paris or Rome as you already had the chance to admire these beauties first hand.

But don’t panic! There are plenty of other cities worth seeing, they should get some more appreciation and definitely deserve a higher spot on your travel-destination list. Not convinced yet?! Read through some of our finds:


This post was originally published at The C Sphere, an online magazine created by Charline Catteeuw, that focuses on fashion and travelling. Since June 2017, I am Contributing Author at the website.

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