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Missing London

Hey everyone,

 Long time, no hear. Somehow, I really struggle to keep my little blog updated. There are far too many things that take priority right now: uni, work and organising everything that is about to happen… However, I still got so many pictures from my last shooting with the amazing Chloe Knott in London. Lately my life has been one mad rush so that I simply did not find any time to upload them. Still, as I really like the outcome of this shooting, I wanted to share the images anyway, even though they might be a bit outdated. Chloe introduced me to this amazing park which is alongside an old ruin of an ancient church.

A lot has happened and even more is about to happen in the coming weeks and months, so here is a little update from my side: I am not only about to finish my fifth semester already (time is flying!) but I am also planning my year abroad. In late August I will move to Madrid for my semester abroad and after that I will continue my journey with an internship in a city yet to be determined. Who knows, it might turn out to be London again as this is my favourite city and the fashion industry is quite established there. However, New York and Paris are also quite high on my list.

I really love the fashion industry and I am trying my very best to find an internship in this sector. Yet, as you have seen on my blog, there is a lot of misery and abuse of resources going on in this industry. With an internship in this sector I am trying to start networking and getting to know the standards of this industry. And once I am in, I’ll get a better understanding of the correlations which will help me bring in change someday.

Before I get too deep into this topic, there is one last thing I want to share with you: As I love travelling, blogging and socialising, I got the amazing opportunity to be part of an exciting new project and acting as a contributing author for a soon-launching online magazine. As soon as everything is ready to go live, I will update you on the details. I hope you are as excited as I am!

That is it for now!

See you soon.





Blazer – H&M

Jeans – H&M

Top – Only

Shoes – Converse

Belt – Mango


Pictures: Chloe Knott

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