Just one in the crowd

Hey everyone,

one thing I absolutely love about London is the never ending range of opportunities. Since I have arrived here, I have been desperately looking for a photographer to shoot with. I contacted other bloggers, joined different fashion groups on the internet and searched the web but somehow I could not find one effective lead.

Then out of the … Read more

I am back!

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time – such a long time! Somehow, in between Uni, my job and all the other craziness of life, I have totally lost the focus on my blog. Due to the lack of time I was not able to take pictures, write and edit this tiny little space of mine in the internet. But … Read more

A Hat Day Is Always A Good Day

Hey there,

A woman with a hat always appears to be super confident, she knows what suits her and what she wants in life – at least that is what I associate with a lady who is wearing a hat. I love hats – I feel like they complete an outfit and simply look gorgeous… and fall is the perfect … Read more

Dot Dot Dot

Hey there,

Fall is here and I am taking full advantage of the colored leaves and the beautiful scenes everyone is enjoying right now. I mean look at these colors. However, back to business: Today I am featuring one of my favorite blouses with you. This one is amazing as it ups every outfit with its sheer material that will … Read more

Clean Understatement

Hey there,

I finally got my turtleneck pullover out which means it is officially fall! I am an absolute lover of this item since it looks so chic. As in a lot of my outfits I opted for darker colors. When the days get grayer my outfits tend to get darker as well – don’t ask me why!

I did … Read more

Perfect Everyday Outfit

Hey there,

Today’s outfit is one of my all-time favorites. A simple pair of light blue jeans and a light blue and white-striped blouse (a staple in every casual AND professional wardrobe). You seriously do not need anything else for the perfect quick everyday look. I especially opt for this outfit when I am in a rush and do not … Read more

Trend Alert: Burgundy For Fall

Hey there,

Fall is here and Burgundy is right back. I feel like when the first leaf touches the ground we all start searching for burgundy-colored apparel. This is no surprise to me – burgundy is the first color that comes to my mind when I think of fall. I do not even know why – it is such a … Read more

Faux Fur Vest

Hey there,

Thank god faux fur vests are back this fall! I mean, I would have worn mine anyway, however, the fact that they are a trend this year again is quite cool for me! I got my faux fur vest two years ago, back when the mentioned item was already all over the magazines and shops! So this one … Read more

The White Sneakers

Hey there!

Last spring an all-over black look paired with white sneakers as an unexpected detail was huge and while going through the pictures on my laptop I found some shots my sister took of me wearing my version of this trend. Fast forward to today, I am still in love with this look and I think it is a … Read more