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She believed she could so she did

Hey you,

„She believed she could so she did!“

I personally find this phrase extremely powerful. And truly inspirational.

Here is to female empowerment!

Living an empowered life

It’s been already eight years that the law of attraction has been brought to me, still from time to time I struggle to live up to its principles although I should know better. 

Don’t get me wrong, I truly understand the teachings and I firmly believe in them, however when life gets tough I tend to forget to focus on positivity and the power of affirmations.

Luckily, I feel like there is a shift in our society happening which also affects my personal journey positively. More and more people are getting exposed to these universal laws and start changing their energies. It is great to see that especially on social media – a place that I used to find very competitive and superficial – more and more bloggers are starting to address the creative means we have within ourselves. The networks also start to become more supportive. Lots of spirituality accounts are being created and their growth is tremendous. It makes my heart jump to see that shift in our collective thinking! 

It is your time to spark some inspiration

Every time I discover a new Instagram account or blog that covers spirituality and positivity my heart fills with joy. There is something about this movement that feels so right to me. It is something that I want to be part of. I want to inspire YOU – not with fancy travel images or hauls from my latest shopping sprees to make you jealous. I want to make you discover your best self, the source of all your joy and energy that lies within you.

And I urge you to do the same: Try to uplift the ones around you. Ever since I started to encourage others and to be the most supportive version of myself, my self worth has increased as well. I realized that making others feel good about themselves made me feel amazing about myself as well.

It is time that we truly embrace female empowerment! Because you know Queen B’s famous words: “Who run the world?! Girls!”

I challenge you to try it out yourself. Try to support others, try to comfort someone who might need it today and most importantly, try to forgive. This will free you and will be the start of something new, something great.

And when life gets tough always tell yourself „I believed I could so I did!“


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