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The 5 Things We Never Wear to the Airport

For us, traveling is much more of a pleasure than a sole mean. When we were younger it was this exciting summer vacation we couldn’t wait for. A few years later, the reasons have changed but the joy stayed.

These days we spent a lot more time on airports, traveling to see our loved ones, exploring new cities or to pursue our careers. We are constantly buying plane tickets, packing bags and we spent a fair amount up in the air. But we don’t want to sacrifice comfort while navigating through the airport jungle, and had to experience first hand what to wear while traveling and what not, to make the trip as smooth as possible and don’t spend unnecessary time at the security check. There is definitely a list of airport looks to avoid and we will share it with you today. If you avoid these items and live by a few simple rules, your next journey will go so much smoother.

This post was originally published at The C Sphere, an online magazine created by Charline Catteeuw, that focuses on fashion and travelling. Since June 2017, I am Contributing Author at the website.

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