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The Perfect Jewelry For A World Traveler

Fact is, traveling is part of our lives, and our happiest feelings are directly connected to planning the next vacation. So much that we engage with it beyond the actual action of traveling itself: Sometimes circumstances just don’t allow us to go places, so that we have to satisfy our traveling thirst in a different way.

This is where the perfect combination of our two big loves stories comes into play: Travel-inspired jewelry, allowing us to (day-)dream while being stuck at home while.

We’ve compiled a list our must-have pieces for the passionate day dreamer, taking you on a trip even if you cannot leave your current location. Plus, these beauties make amazing gifts for your globe-trotting friends as well – although they are almost too pretty to give away!

This post was originally published at The C Sphere, an online magazine created by Charline Catteeuw, that focuses on fashion and travelling. Since June 2017, I am Contributing Author at the website.

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